The Carrascal Estate

Flavour and intensity

Located in-between Almocadén and Macharnudo Alto this vineyard is considered as one of the four top-rated lands within Jerez area, 20 km away from the Atlantic Ocean and valued the best in the region along with the Macharnudo one.

Apparently there must have been a vaste oak plantation in the area, that’s where the name comes from. It was already reported in 1414 as a premium vineyard for Sherry production with more than 700 hectares of indigeneous grape varieties growing in it including Palomino Fino, Pedro Ximénez, Albillo and Cañocazo.

“This Premium land whose name recalls the vegetation life existing here in the past, includes 300 hectares of best-reputed vineyards on the market: excellent Albariza hills and beautiful low-grounds with high water-absorbing capacity: dominant vines are Palomino with Cañocazo, Pedro Jiménez and Albillo: outstanding young wines and excellent sweet wines, located in the very centre of a group of extensive vineyards between the road to Lebrija and the one to Trebujena, among all properties the so called El Corregidor has been mentioned”


DIEGO PARADA Y BARETO (historian – 1868)

The farm

El Corregidor

The main building dated 1850 was bestowed to the chief-magistrate (el Corregidor) and it’s located within one of the most reputed vineyards of Carrascal estate.


Highly valued wines have been produced in this wineyard since 1414 according to historical records; later on Sandeman Corp. produced its top range of sherries at El Corregidor farm.

The relevant building is dated 1850 and still shows sentry boxes on each corner as well the ‘almijar’, flat portion of yard used for grapes sun exposure and drying (asoleo).


Today the property includes 60 hectares of Albariza soil where we grow no less than 30 ha. of Palomino Fino vines aged 45 years, the rest is devoted to oher local grapes as Pedro Ximénez and Tintilla de Rota.

The wines

El Muelle de Olaso

La Barajuela | Oloroso

La Barajuela | Fino

La Barajuela | Raya

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